Mr. Jim Minadeo

Zero Surge Inc.

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Zero Surge Inc.
889 State Route 12
Frenchtown, NJ
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Main Phone Number: (908) 996-7700 (205)


From my website bio:  Jim comes to Zero Surge with 26 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, testing, technical support, and sales. Jim started his career at WR Grace’s Technical Ceramics Department researching electronic substrates for Integrated Circuits and then on to Trace Laboratories to test and analyze component materials for the Printed Circuit Board industry. From there he worked in manufacturing where he was the Quality Control Manager for Canfield Technologies (the oldest solder company in the US) and AI Technology (electronic adhesives). While at AIT in 2000, he was assigned to a special project where a new type of voting machine was being developed by their sister company Avante. As the Technical Support Manager, Jim led the testing and customer training of the new Vote-Trakker voting machine, the first new machine federally certified after the 2000 election.

When two wars drained funding and moved voting machines down in priority, Jim decided to take an opportunity as the Operations Manager with a start-up online hobby electronics distributor. After leading the company to a successful turnkey sales operation, Jim decided to take on a new challenge when he met Rudy Harford, the Zero Surge company founder. Rudy was ready to retire and needed a successor to keep the standard he set for Zero Surge. Impressed with Zero Surge’s products and potential, Jim purchased Zero Surge Inc. in January 2014 and now serves as the President. Zero Surge’s sales, office, and production staff have remained with the company and continue to offer excellent customer service and superior quality products.

Jim has a wife and two children.  He loves to play piano. You might find him playing for a local blues band or subbing at church.  His favorite sport to play is volleyball which is a great year round sport in NJ with many venues to play competitive indoor and outdoor groups.