Mr. Steve Besserman

Chief Storyteller,
AriJoe Productions LLC

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AriJoe Productions LLC
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Hamilton, NJ
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Steve Besserman

Chief Storyteller

AriJoe Productions, LLC

In January of 2010, Steve founded AriJoe Productions, LLC, for the purpose of realizing his lifetime ambition of bringing his parents’ Holocaust Survivors’ love story to the screen. He served as Executive Producer, Writer and Director of this award-winning independent documentary, Only A Number, which has appeared at film festivals, has been broadcast on PBS stations across the country, and is being used in the curriculum of New Jersey schools through the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education.

Steve expanded AriJoe Productions to provide affordable video documentary storytelling for small-to-mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations and people who wish to capture, share and preserve their family history.

You can contact Steven at: or call 609-577-9206.

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