Ms. Eunide Alexandre

Managing Director,
HelpForce, LLC

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HelpForce, LLC
204 Ark Rd
Ste 208-M
Mount Laurel, NJ
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Main Phone Number: 1-(856) 372-9202


As a directing manager, Eunide currently manages day to day operations and oversees the long range growth and success of the company. She works with other members of the team to ensure the realization of the company's immediate and long-term goals in terms of project performance, client satisfaction, scheduling, and safety

She has, over time, amassed significant experience in the entrepreneur and business development world. Establishing her own company at the early age of 17, she has helped launched and sold a good number of successful small enterprises.  She has over 15 years’ experience in administration, management, and human resources with extensive industry knowledge in areas of government, non-profit organization, construction, housing, social assistance and health care programs. Her enjoyment and interest in working on projects across different industries has allowed her to develop an extensive and diverse knowledge in many areas.  Previously,  Eunide was a managing owner a homecare and staffing company in New York City before founding HelpForce,LLC.

She holds a bachelor degree in psychology from Queens College City University of New York as well as a Master's in Education and Psychology from Arizona State University.  Further post master’s studies has been in organizational behavior and management within various universities of the (C.U.N.Y) City University of New York. She is a member of the American psychological Association and Burlington County Chamber of Commerce.